Security and Defence

Security and Defence

The field of security and defence encompasses a multitude of electrical systems, each with their own specific requirements and standards set by the government to ensure high quality, functionality, value, and efficiency in military equipment procurement.

The military comprises numerous commands with distinct areas of operation. Our production of military cable assemblies and wire harnesses caters to a wide range of systems including communication equipment, such as radios, secure satellite connections, internet and phone systems, which are crucial for active military and support units to remain connected. Each cable assembly must be tailored to the unique requirements of the application to ensure success.

In addition, advanced wire harnesses and cable assemblies are necessary for vehicles across land, air, and sea to transmit and receive numerous signals throughout their operations. The logistical function of the military would be impossible without adequate transportation.

The military’s various medical commands rely on specially-designed cable assemblies for medical testing equipment, ultrasounds, imaging machines, patient monitors, and more. 

These assemblies are designed to meet unique needs such as bio-sensitive connectors and safety jacks, and are essential for some of the world’s most skilled medical personnel and facilities.

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Widen Electronic Solutions Ltd have over 10 years of engineering expertise manufacturing custom-made cable assemblies, electrical control boxes, harnesses, wiring looms and panels. 

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