Dynatron L5 Liquid Cooling CPU Desktop Tower


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Dynatron’s L5 High Performance Liquid Cooler gives your system the extra capacity for overclocking and stability. This self contained unit is coupled with a powerful pump and integrated blue LED PWM fan to give your system an edge in performance. Variable temperature control ensures optimal cooling even during the most intense computing situations. Stay ahead of the opposition by getting more out of your system. MAX TDP to 260 Watts.

CPU Support Intel/AMD
CPU Socket Muti-socket: Intel Socket LGA2066/2011/1151/1155/1156/1366 & AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2
Solution Desktop
Dimensions 400.0 x 120.0 x 165.0 mm
Weight 1100 g
Material Aluminum Fins, 4x Heat Pipes with H.C.C. Technology
Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 38 mm Blue LED PWM
Speed At Duty Cycle 20%: 900 RPM
At Duty Cycle 50%: 1500 RPM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 2300 RPM
Bearing Liquid State Bearing
Rated Voltage 12V
Power At Duty Cycle 20%: 1.2 W
At Duty Cycle 50%: 2.0 W
At Duty Cycle 100%: 4.9 W
Air Flow At Duty Cycle 20%: 34.8 CFM
At Duty Cycle 50%: 58.0 CFM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 88.93 CFM
Noise Level At Duty Cycle 20%: 17.3 dBA
At Duty Cycle 50%: 28.4 dBA
At Duty Cycle 100%: 37.7 dBA
Air Pressure At Duty Cycle 20%: 0.79 mm-H2O
At Duty Cycle 50%: 2.20 mm-H2O
At Duty Cycle 100%: 5.17 mm-H2O
Lead Wire Pin Out Pin1- (-)
Pin2- (+)
Pin3- (Techometer/Signal output)
Pin4- (PWM)
Water Pump Stand-alone Water Pump with Powerful Flow Rate 0.84 Litter Per Minute
Radiator Dimension 152.0 x 120.0 x 27.0 mm