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Dynatron excels in manufacturing both AC and DC fans from 25mm to 200mm. We also provide for OEM customers any custom-design thermal solution products. These include active coolers, passive heat sinks, heat pipes, blowers, crossflow blowers, Liquid coolers and many more. Our branded thermal solutions are widely recognized and integrated into desktop PCs, servers, workstations, notebooks, gaming machines, and storage systems. In the year 2001, Dynatron won its reputation as the first company to integrate the state of the art MicroFin Technology into a PC heat sink. Today, MicroFin Technology is considered the most advanced and efficient heat sink manufacturing method for a thermal solution and is used in most system applications.

Dynatron K199


The Dynatron K199 80mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler features a copper base and Heatsink for great cooling performance, and supports a variety of Intel Core & Xeon processors.


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80 x 80 x 15mm blower with PWM function, Copper Heatsink up to TDP 95 Watts for 1U server solution*** All product specifications and product images are subject to change without notice.


95 Watts 80x80x15mm PWM Blower LGA1151/1155/1156 Copper Skived Fin

Additional Information

CPU Support Intel
CPU Socket LGA1151 l LGA1155 l LGA1156
Solution 1U Server
Dimensions 85.0 x 81.5 x 28.5 mm
Weight 355 g +/- 5g
Material Copper Heatsink
Fan Dimension 80 x 80 x 15 mm
Speed At Duty Cycle 20%: 1000 RPM
At Duty Cycle 50%: 2500 RPM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 5000 RPM
Bearing 2 Ball Bearing
Rated Voltage 12V
Power At Duty Cycle 20%: 0.60 W
At Duty Cycle 50%: 1.44 W
At Duty Cycle 100%: 9.60 W
Air Flow At Duty Cycle 20%: 5.355 CFM
At Duty Cycle 50%: 7.654CFM
At Duty Cycle 100%: 14.719 CFM
Noise Level At Duty Cycle 20%: 20.71 dBA
At Duty Cycle 50%: 37.5 dBA
At Duty Cycle 100%: 51.7 dBA
Air Pressure At Duty Cycle 20%: 2.083 mm-H2O
At Duty Cycle 50%: 9.780 mm-H2O
At Duty Cycle 100%: 36.168 mm-H2O
Lead Wire Pin Out Pin1-Black (-)
Pin2-Yellow (+)
Pin3-Green (Techometer/Signal output)
Pin4-Blue (PWM)

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